Leaky Pipe Repair in Glendale, CA

Our Glendale Plumbing contractors Fix Leaky Pipes FastIt's easy to forget about the pipes running through your walls, ceilings and floors until one of them starts leaking. Sometimes the problem is obvious and immediate, like a ceiling leak that causes visible dripping, mold, or other water damage. Other times, the problem could be damaging your home long before it's apparent, like when it comes to a slab leak.

If you know, or suspect, that your home is being damaged by leaking pipes, call the most respected pipe repair team in Glendale, California. Thanks to their expertise and equipment, our plumbers can quickly and accurately diagnose any pipe leak in your home and present you with a plan to get it fixed.

Leaky Pipes Cause Mold

Moldy Walls Are a Signal To Our Glendale Plumbing Contractors That There is an Underlying LeakOne of the most dangerous effects of a leaky pipe is mold growth. Mold exposure can cause serious medical conditions, ranging from fatigue and headaches through respiratory problems, nose bleeds, and much worse.

If you think you may have exposed yourself or your loved ones to black mold due to a water or sewage pipe leak, call our plumbing team immediately. It's not worth risking your health for a moment longer than absolutely necessary.

We Also Service Gas Line Leaks in Glendale

Bacharach Informant 2. A leak detection device used by our Glendale CA gas line repair & service teamGas line leaks are perhaps even more threatening than mold-causing water line leaks. Thanks to the chemical mercaptan, gas line leaks are usually easy to see or smell, but that's not always the case. Gas line leaks can allow gas to accumulate in spaces where you can't detect them, like between your walls, where something as simple as faulty wiring could set it off.

The good news is that our Glendale, CA plumbing team has access to some of the best leak detection equipment in the industry, so we'll be able to find problems that your senses alone would miss. If you have reason to believe that there may be a gas leak in your home, call our Glendale gas line repair team today and we'll give you a definitive answer.